DMS is an Electronic Document Management Software System that includes Workflow Management, Document Imaging and Scanning, Electronic Forms, Records Management, Mail Service, Appointments/Reminders and Short Messaging Service (SMS) modules under a single integrated software suite.

Document management as a technology and a discipline has traditionally augmented the capabilities of a computer's file system. By enabling users to characterize their documents, which are usually stored in files, SFT”s Document Management System (DMS) would enable users to store, retrieve, and use their documents more easily and powerfully than they can do within the file system itself.

Product Features:

Document Management System is a flexible, high-productivity, unlimited capacity system for a secure management of all types of documents:

Document Management System is an integral and very important part of any organization. Since this system goes along with each and every process, it is vital to have a robust system.

The Applicability is defined in respective modules:
    Defining Documents
  • Document Profile & Groups
  • Document Numbering & Revision
  • Document Types.
  • Personal Document management facility
    Search Engine
  • Search mechanism for Documents name-wise
  • Search mechanism for document content wise (Advanced search)
  • Advanced search for Linked Documents
  • Select from previously searched document list
  • Edit the selected searched document
    Organization Structure & Hierarchy
  • Defining Organization Structure
  • User Profile, Rights & Group Formation
  • Level wise Documents arrangement
    Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Compatible with OCR for storage of digital documents in a systematic manner
  • Facilitates the spell check of documents
  • Provides content search of the documents
    Multi-Lingual Capable
  • DMS is already available in English and Turkish
  • Encryption of documents with access mechanism
  • Web security integrated with Encryption
    Access Control
  • Defining Access rights to user & document-user relationship
  • Role and Rights wise document access mechanism
  • Inter-department access controls
    Editing of scanned documents
  • DMS, with certain additions, can also provide the feature of editing the scanned document text
    Task Management
  • Allocation, Scheduling, Monitoring & Follow-up of task
  • External agencies Auto Mail / Fax follow-up
    Storage & Backup
  • Auto Backup with schedules
  • Storage of Old Data with retrieval & Archives facilities
    Appointment Management
  • Scheduling personal appointments
  • Day wise, week wise and month wise appointment search facility
    Document Size
  • Support size up to A5
  • Stored in the binary format in the database to minimize the storage space
  • E mail facility
    General purpose / Reminders
  • Short messaging service