Oil & Gas

The energy marketplace is one of unsurpassed volatility. Geopolitical tensions and environmental regulation hamper supply. Asia Pacific development boosts demand. The fluctuating conditions have led to a shift in emphasis from exploration to optimizing recovery. But it all comes down to this: what can you do to reduce overall costs in this high volume – low margin business?

If you want to maximize asset efficiency, how do you make sure you leverage all the applications of RFID technology, to both equipment and personnel? If you want to improve coordination across your supply chain, how do you determine which approaches will optimize visibility and cost-efficiency? If you need enhanced control over your energy trading portfolio, how do you integrate risk management with the other trading functions?

Springform Technologies can give you a competitive edge with a series of solutions to help you improve your structures, processes and technologies. Springform Exploration and Production solutions help you escalate your recovery rates. Our Refining and Marketing solutions add greater agility to your supply chain management. And with Springform Supply and Trading solutions, increase the performance of your trading operations. Visit the Vertical Offerings section to learn more about all these profitability-enhancing Springform solutions.