As a socially responsible organization, Spring Form technology believes in conducting its affairs in a fair and transparent manner. For this, the organization has adopted the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior. Further, the organization is committed to developing a culture wherein it is safe for all to raise concerns about any unacceptable / unethical practice and any event of misconduct at any level.

Accordingly, it has been decided to introduce a Whistle Blower Policy in the organization based on Govt. of India Resolution on Public Interest Disclosure & Protection of Informer (PIDPI)

The Government of India has authorized the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), as the Designated Agency to receive written complaints for disclosure on any allegation of corruption for misuse of office and recommend appropriate action. Our organization, being a reliable Software Company established under the Central Act is under the jurisdiction of the CVC for the said purpose.

In accordance with the aforesaid Resolution of the Government of India, the CVC has formulated norms for acceptance of complaints under the PIDPI and keeping the identity of the complainant secret. The norms laid down by CVC are known to the employees.


Guidelines in respect of lodging the complaint:
i) The complaint should be in a closed / secured envelope.
ii) The envelope should be addressed to the Managing Director and should be super scribed “Complaint under The Public Interest Disclosure”. If the envelope is not super scribed and closed, it will not be possible for the Commission to protect the complainant under the above resolution and the complaint will be dealt with as per the normal complaint policy of the Commission. The complainant should give his / her name and address in the beginning or end of complaint or in an attached letter.
iii) Disclosures expressed anonymously will ordinarily NOT be investigated.
iv) The text of the complaint should be carefully drafted so as not to give any details or clue as to the complainants identity. However, the details of the complaint should be specific and verifiable.
v) In order to protect identity of the person, the Commission will not issue any acknowledgement and the whistle-blower is advised not to enter into any further correspondence with the Commission in their own interest. The Commission assures that if the facts of the ; it will take the necessary action, as provided under the Government of India Resolution mentioned above. If any further clarification is required, the Commission will get in touch with the complainant.