Code of Conduct

Spring form technology’s willful commitment of ethical and lawful business conduct is a fundamental shared value of our Board of Directors. Management and employees and critical to the company's success. We vigorously follow the ethical and legal standards and our financial objectives are not at the cost of our honesty and integrity. Consistent with these principles SFTs has adopted this code of conduct as a guide to high and ethical legal standards expected of its members.

In performing their functions. our directors

  • Act diligently, openly, honestly and in good faith.
  • Provide leadership in advancing the company's Vision, Values and Guiding Principles.
  • Discharge their duties, in accordance with their good faith, business judgment and in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.
  • Become and remain familiar with Spring Form Technology's business and the economic and competitive environment in which the company operates and understand its principal business plans, strategies and objectives; operations, results and financial condition; and relative marketplace position.
  • Commit the time necessary to prepare for, attend in every possible way and actively participate in regular and special meetings of the Board and of the Board Committees on which they serve.
  • Intimate the Managing Director of changes in their employment, other board positions, relationships with other business, charitable, and governmental entities, and other events, circumstances or conditions that may interfere with their ability to perform their Board or Board Committee duties or impact the Board's assessment
  • Take prior approval of the board members in matters which may involve a conflict of interest.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all material non-public information about SFT, its business and affairs.
  • Abide by all applicable laws and regulations.
  • SFT has clearly articulated the Corporate Values and Beliefs which are the guiding principles for the Company’s business conduct. It strives to practice these Corporate Values and achieve high level of transparency and accountability in all facets of its operations including its relationship with various stakeholders. This Code of Conduct (Code) helps to practice these Corporate Values by ensuring compliance of all legal requirements and upholding the standards of business conduct. All SFT employees are expected to read and understand this Code, uphold these standards in day-to-day activities, comply with all applicable policies and procedures, and ensure that all business associates including business partner’s customers and contractors are aware of, understand and adhere to these standards.
  • This Code brings together, in one document, their obligations and responsibilities and defines the way of conduct of business in the competitive environment and in the wake of fast changing legislations.
  • This Code recognizes and is complementary to all manuals and procedures prescribed for conduct of various activities of the Company. This also aims to facilitate as a guidance to whom this Code is addressed. No manager or employee will be criticized for any loss of business resulting from adherence to this Code.SFT is committed to continuously review and update its policies and procedures. Therefore, this Code will be subjected to review and modification as and when necessary.
  • It is imperative that the Officials of the Company follow this Code. Violation of this Code could cause a significant liability not only for the Official concerned but also for the Company and its Directors.
  • SFT shall take appropriate action against any of its Official/employee who is guilty of violating the principles and policies of this Code.

The criteria for code of conduct are:

1. Treat other people with respect.

In general, people acting on the Foundations behalf should aim to be honest and ethical in their dealings with each other, with community members, project users, partners, suppliers and the public. The Foundation will not practice or tolerate discrimination on the basis of place of origin, ethnicity, citizenship, gender, age, political or religious affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, family relationship, or economic or medical status. The Foundation aims to treat all people with respect, and to foster a productive environment free of harassment, intimidation and discrimination. People acting on the Foundations behalf may not bring weaponry to Foundation premises, behave violently, or threaten violence.

2. Respect confidentiality.

People acting on the Foundation’s behalf must respect and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information they have gained due to their association with the Foundation. This may include personal information about community members or members of the general public, and/or information about the internal workings of the Foundation or its partners or suppliers.

3. Protect Foundation property.

People acting on the Foundation’s behalf should seek to take good care of Foundation property, and not expose it to loss, damage, misuse or theft. Foundation property should be used solely for legitimate Foundation purposes and not for personal benefit. Generally, people should use common sense and moderation when using Foundation resources.

4. Maintain accurate, honest and complete books and records.

The Foundation’s books, records, accounts and financial statements must be maintained in appropriate detail, and must conform both to applicable law and to the Foundation’s internal systems of controls.

5. Represent the best interests of the Foundation.

People acting on the Foundation’s behalf should aim to advance the Foundation’s legitimate interests, and should never do anything that could bring the Foundation into disrepute.