The Board critically evaluates strategic direction of the Company, management policies and their effectiveness. The management of the Company is entrusted is in the hands of experienced and core competent persons Mr.Jayanti Shah, Mr Dhiraj Bheda, Managing Director Mr. Pankaj Shah and C.F.O. Mr. Kishor M. Shah who operate under the superintendence, direction and control of the Board. The Board members possess requisite skills, experience and expertise required to take decisions, which are in the best interest of the Company. While appointing the directors, the Board considers their skills, experience, qualifications, commitment and background, in the context of the requirements of the Board at that point in time. The directors are actually the promoters of the company. The board meetings are held quarterly. The necessary quorum is present for all the meetings.

Details of directors and their particulars:

MR. KISHOR SHAH (C.F.O. & Whole Time Director)

Mr. Kishor M. Shah is having 47 years of Industrial Engineering & Management experience. Having an achievement of bringing sick units to profit and steering organizations to growth, his contribution to the industry for novel management concepts is substantial. Instrumental in formation of various new successful ventures. He has vast experience in the field of Manufacturing, Management, Finance, Trading, Real Estate, H.R. , Social Service & Marketing .

The Company has been started by Mr. Kishor M. Shah a Gujarati and a Native of Gujarat, has strong business acumen in the Engineering field. Being the first person in his Home Town to obtain Diploma in Engineering and then Bachelor of Engineering and further to excel his talent has done Management studies. A person talented to bring sick units into profitability, as he did during his early career in various Corporate Companies has also being instrumental in crafting the Management Courses at Jamnalal Bajaj Management Institute. He is a Business Leader, Technical/ Engineering philanthropist.

His Parents born in Gujarat having a deep and strong affinity towards their home town, spent all their life in Gujarat. Being patriotic and freedom fighters for the independent India, they preferred to continue their living in their home state engaging in the occupation of farming using natural and traditional methods conserving the soil. His family roots coming from State of Gujarat has always drawn him to contribute his social and spiritual life for the development of his Home town and Community.

As a person with strong religious ethics, proficient technical knowhow and excellent management skills, he started this organization with a strong Customer base and has Import substituted most of the parts that were imported in India by OEM's. His proficiency in scaling an Organization has lead the Company to a successful stage of Business.

His contribution to social causes list one of the prudent efforts made during the Gujarat Earthquake in 2001 wherein he has focused his efforts in channelizing relief activities, logistics, help, support, lost & found and medical support for the region of Kutch. His efforts have drawn a major attention from the International community and various country governments providing relief during the calamity. One of such example is a immediate relief received from the Turkish Government where in the Turkish plane carrying the relief material landed in Gujarat. These efforts were on account of the good and cordial relationship possessed due to various International Government project executed in the sphere of IT vide his software company M/s Dewsoft Solutions, creating deep respect globally for India. With IT contribution goes into one of the worlds most prestigious Crude Oil Pipeline project exhibiting not only the talent but also the innovative mind to mobilize technology for effective use.

He has extended his complete I.T. infrastructure vides the community portal using the Technology for the right cause and in the most systematic manner. The said NGO is run by him for many social activities for the betterment and growth of the Gujarati community. His contribution in bringing the traditional Ayurveda ,Nature Cure and Yoga to the new generation has successfully sowed the seeds of this cultural wealth in the new Era.

The business house run by the family has host of successors who are highly technically qualified and have learnt management from their early age. The blend of traditional values with Modern Technology is the key factor to the success of the family business. Sense of excellence driven along with the humble religious values (needless to mention the Gujarati blood having business acumen from birth) is the core of consistent and strong foundation of the business. The family has to its crown the best acclamation of "Udyog Rattan" Award by the President of India.

MR. PANKAJ SHAH (Managing Director)

Mr. Pankaj Kishor Shah , having 20 years of Engineering, Management AND Software experience. He has vast experience in the field of Manufacturing, Management, Finance, Trading, Real Estate, H.R. , Social Service & Marketing . Mr. Pankaj Kishor Shah is having 28 years of Engineering & Management experience. He has vast experience in the field of Manufacturing, Management, Finance, Trading, Real Estate, H.R. , Social Service & Marketing . Being a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Degree in Production Engineering, he has achieved Technical Excellence and being Felicitated by Presidential Award Udyog Ratna in 1987 for outstanding work in CNC technology.. He has been a Technical Consultant to many Organizations including some Multinational Companies. He has been instrumental in improving the Technology in the Company and trying to bring the same to International levels. He has developed a cost effective ERP system in 1988 to provide solutions for Indian industry. He is an outstanding Contributor in spreading awareness and knowledge of ISO 9001. He is the Director of Dewsoft solutions and Spring Form Technology. He has also made remarkable contributions in social work.

He is presently the driving force of Spring form technology and under his leadership it has grown into a successful and reliable organization. He is associated with several government and trade bodies which play an instrumental role in the development of India’s IT sector. He has published several articles on information technology in leading Indian publications and has been a speaker of various conferences. He has a successful track record of driving revenue growth for the company including business development, channel development and strategic initiatives. His role is to transform Spring Form Technology to deliver world class services to customers, become a great place to work for employees thereby creating and sustaining long term profitable growth. He is a great blend of leadership, inspiration, technology expertise, operational experience, technical breadth and passion for customer services. He has an inbuilt ability to build highly passionate leadership and organizations that jointly works to create long term success. He has always been in line with the fluctuating market trends and level of competition. Mr. Pankaj Shah heads the global Enterprise Solutions business at SFT. He leads the horizontal units of ERP and Business Intelligence & Analytics. He is responsible for identifying growth engines, building new service offerings and business development. He has been a key player in driving SFT's growth. Mr. Pankaj Shah is instrumental in building the Enterprise Solutions and HR-IT practices at SFT.


Ms Neena Sardesai has been working on accounts, purchasing and consolidated administrative functions since last 26 years.She is a trusted and valuable asset to the company. She is appointed as the General Manager of our company. She has played a magnificent role in maintaining the financial stability of our company. She has strong accounting fundamentals, she has successfully handled various aspects of the Finance function during her career. Her contribution in the areas of MIS and Corporate Taxation in particular, has been commendable. She has performed diverse financial roles in leadership position in the Company. Her performance in the field of finance has been outstanding and one of a kind.